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ISBN13: 9780425176429
ISBN: 0425176428
Publisher: Berkley Books, New York

Historians and philosophers alike have pondered the crucial turning points of history events that forever altered the course of civilization, and set the stage for the world in which we live today. In these essays, some of the most respected minds of our time ask the question 'What If...'brbr George Washington had never made his miraculous escape from the British on Long Island in the dawn of August 29, 1776?br A Confederate aide hadn't accidentally lost General Robert E. Lee's plans for invading the North?br Alexander the Great had been slain in battle, instead of saved at the last instant by a loyal bodyguard?br The Allied invasion on D Day had failed?br The Mongols had succeeded in conquering Europe?brbrBoth fascinating and frightening, iWhat If?/i offers in depth reflections on the monumental events of the past, and amazing speculations as to what our world might be like had things gone differently in that one singular moment in time.brbr 'Fascinating and provocative.' iNew York Times Book Review/ibrbr'The book of the year for any history lover.' iKirkus Reviews/ibrbr 'Counter factual supposes, would haves, might haves, could haves, possiblys, perhapses, probablys and maybes, in all their dizzying permutations.' iTime/ibrbr'Consistently well drawn, these scenarios open intellectual as well as imaginative doors.' iPublishers Weekly/i brbr 'Great Fun.' iEntertainment Weekly/ibrbr'A captivating display of historical imagination, What If? takes us through 2,500 years of close squeaks and narrow misses.' C. Vann Woodward, Sterling Professor of History Emeritus, Yale Universitybrbr What If? includes contributions by:brbr Stephen E. Ambrosebr Caleb Carrbr James Chacebr Theodore F. Cook, Jr.br Robert Cowleybr Thomas Flemingbr David Fromkinbr Ira D. Gruberbr Victor Davis Hansonbr Ross Hassigbr Cecilia Hollandbr Alistair Hornebr John Keeganbr Lewis H. Laphambr David Clay Largebr David Mcculloughbr William H. McNeillbr James M. Mcphersonbr Ted Morganbr Williamson Murraybr Josiah Oberbr Robert L. O'Connellbr Geoffrey Parkerbr Peter Piersonbr Barbara N. Porterbr Theodore K. Rabbbr Elihu Rosebr Stephen W. Searsbr Dennis E. Showalterbr Barry S. Straussbr Arthur Waldronbr Tom Wicker