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The Churchill War Papers: The Ever Widening War, Volume 3: 1941
ISBN13: 9780393019599
ISBN: 0393019594
List Price: $85.0
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

The much anticipated third volume of Churchill's fascinating papers. The year 1941 'opens in storm,' Winston Churchill wrote to President Roosevelt on New Year's Day. This critical year of World War II is brought before us here in the letters, telegrams, diaries, memoranda, Cabinet minutes, and speeches of Churchill and his closest colleagues. Of particular interest to American readers will be Churchill's many messages to Roosevelt that year as the United States inches closer to an alliance with Britain, culminating in the Atlantic Charter in August and the American entry into the war four months later. The War Papers put us at Churchill's side during some of the most tumultuous events in world history and offer an unparalleled view of his leadership qualities, his character, and his achievements. This is truly history as it was lived, in the war whose outcome formed the modern world. 'The legions of Churchill admirers will certainly, and voraciously, examine this excellently edited collection.' Booklist, in a review of Volume II