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Computer Concepts Illustrated: Introductory, Enhanced Edition (Illustrated Series)

ISBN13: 9780324788921
ISBN: 0324788924
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $89.95
Publisher: Course Technology
Published Date:
Edition 007
Pages: 368
Average Goodreads rating: 3.33/5

Ensure today's most timely computer concepts are engaging and applicable with the integrated technology and proven visual approach found within Parsons/Oja's COMPUTER CONCEPTS, ILLUSTRATED INTRODUCTORY, 7E, ENHANCED. This new Enhanced Edition uses signature two-page spreads and more integrated technology than ever before to appeal to readers at all levels -- whether they are new to computers or already computer "hotshots." This edition's visually intense layout incorporates a proven skill-building step-by-step approach that makes computer skills easy to understand and apply, no matter what the reader's preferred learning style. New technology updates reflect the very latest technology developments to ensure the reader remains on the leading edge of computer progress today.

Part of the Illustrated Series.