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Hungry Monster ABC: An Alphabet Book

ISBN13: 9780316016674
ISBN: 0316016675
List Price: $6.99
Publisher: LB Kids
Published Date:
Pages: 22
Average Goodreads rating: 3.51/5 (11 ratings)

Mischievous, fun, and furry creatures return to learn the alphabet in this rollicking board book companion to the classic favorite, One Hungry Monster!, featuring a die-cut "bite" throughout the book

Watch out! The ten naughty visitors from the bestselling One Hungry Monster counting book have escaped! When they sneak into school, will they sit quietly at their desks to study? Not a chance! As a young boy tries to teach his unusual classmates (and keep himself out of trouble), the alphabet comes to life in a mischievously monstrous way. Though the lesson starts out innocently, soon the desks get soaked in bubbles, they bring the trampoline into the classroom, and the most difficult letters in the alphabet (X, Y & Z) are visited by an X-ray man, a yeti, and a zombie. This hilarious classroom rumpus is A-B-C-Dee-lightful!