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Disney Fairies Collection #2:Vidia and the Fairy Crown; Lily's Pesky Plant: Books 3 & 4 (Disney Fairies Collection)

ISBN13: 9780307284457
ISBN: 030728445X
List Price: $19.99
Publisher: Imagination Studio
Published Date:
Average Goodreads rating: 4.14/5 (86 ratings)

Vidia and the Fairy Crown, by Laura Driscoll and read by Alissa Hunnicutt
When Queen Clarion’s fairy crown goes missing, everyone in Pixie Hollow thinks sour-tempered Vidia is to blame. Now it’s up to Vidia to clear her name. But time is running out. Vidia has only two days to solve the mystery of the missing fairy crown. If she doesn’t, she will be banished from the fairy kingdom–forever.
Lily’s Pesky Plant by Kirsten Larsen, read by Ashley Albert
Lily has a talent for making things grow. So when she finds a mysterious seed during a walk in the forest, she plants it right away. The ugly seedling that comes up is a surprise, but Lily treasures all plants and has an extra-special feeling about this one. Bust all the other fairies don’t like the mysterious plant one bit! Will Lily have to pull up her poor, ugly, stinky, pesky plant?