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The Troubled Republic: Visual Culture and Social Debate in France, 1889-1900
ISBN13: 9780300104653
ISBN: 0300104650
List Price: $70.0
Publisher: Yale University Press

Fin de si cle France was a period of unrest, with strikes, demonstrations, and anarchist terrorism reflecting deep social and political differences. Yet at the same time, this decade produced a vibrant visual culture monumental sculpture, mural decoration, avant garde painting, posters, illustrations, and photography much of which was used to articulate France s ideological arguments. This fascinating book shows how four key issues in social debate were treated by contemporary artists.brbrRichard Thomson begins by exploring disquieting attitudes toward the body and sexuality that resulted from France s concerns about national decadence after its defeat in the Franco Prussian War. He then considers how artists depicted crowds and represented public discomfort about mass unrest. Next he discusses religious imagery during a decade when the Catholic Church was attempting to come to terms with Republicanism. And finally he addresses the question of revenge against Germany for the annexation of Alsace Lorraine, showing that it was kept alive in contemporary art.brbrRichard Thomson is Watson Gordon Professor of Fine Art at Edinburgh University. brbr