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House: A Memoir
ISBN13: 9780143036647
ISBN: 0143036645
List Price: $15.0
Publisher: Penguin (Non-Classics)

An acclaimed journalist who has written about everything from chefs to pediatric surgeons now turns his attention to the subject of home. In 2001 Michael and Donna Ruhlman purchased a 100 year old house in suburban Cleveland. Then they set about making it their own. In relating this story whose details he invests with novelistic drama Ruhlman moves readers to consider what 'home' means in a nation of vagabonds: why Americans long for a home of their own even as they feel compelled to move on. Here, too, is a deft unraveling of the relationship between a physical structure and the family life that transpires inside it. Thoughtful, elegant, and provocative, IHouse/I is a must for prospective homebuyers and lovers of bravura journalism.