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Riding the Earthboy 40 (Poets, Penguin)
ISBN13: 9780143034391
ISBN: 0143034391
List Price: $16.0
Publisher: Penguin Books

Now with an introduction from celebrated poet James Tate, IRiding the Earthboy 40/I is the only volume of poetry written by acclaimed Native American novelist James Welch. The title of the book refers to the forty acres of Montana land Welch s father once leased from a Blackfeet family called Earthboy. This land and its surroundings shaped the writer s worldview as a youth, its rawness resonates in the vitality of his elegant poetry, and his verse shows a great awareness of a moment in time, of a place in nature, and of the human being in context. Deeply evoking the specific Native American experience in Montana, Welch s poems nonetheless speak profoundly to all readers. With its new introduction, this vital work that has influenced so many American writers is certain to capture a new generation of readers.