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The Iliad: A New Prose Translation (Penguin Classics)
ISBN13: 9780140444445
ISBN: 0140444440
List Price: $13.0
Publisher: Penguin Classics

'The Iliad' is the first and the greatest literary achievement of Greek civilisation an epic poem without rival in the literature of the world, and the cornerstone of Western culture. The story of the 'Iliad' centres on the critical events in the last year of the Trojan War, which lead to Achilleus' killing of Hektor and determine the fate of Troy. But Homer's theme is not simply war or heroism. With compassion and humanity, he presents a universal and tragic view of the world, of human life lived under the shadow of suffering and death, set against a vast and largely unpitying divine background. 'The Iliad' is the first of the great tragedies.