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High-Performance Manufacturing, Softcover Student Edition
ISBN13: 9780078614873
ISBN: 0078614872
List Price: $64.28
Publisher: Glencoe/McGraw-Hill

iHigh Performance Manufacturing: Portable Production Skills/i, authored by the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC), will raise the technical, academic, and employability skill level of tomorrow s workforce as students and incumbent workers learn core production skills. iHigh Performance Manufacturing/i meets the MSSC Production Skill Standards, addressing core skill areas of 14 manufacturing subindustries. iCommunication/i features address ways to develop speaking, listening, writing, reading, and social skills. iInformation Technology/i features explain how to use information and communication technology and gather and analyze information in the workplace. iMath & Science/i features explain essential math and science skills used in manufacturing. iTeamwork/i features showcase real teams at work, building consensus, and adapting to various situations. iLeadership/i features describe real world examples of leadership, organizing and planning, and career development. iProblem Solving/i features describe ways to analyze and solve problems in the manufacturing workplace.