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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Ethics
ISBN13: 9780028643250
ISBN: 0028643259
List Price: $18.95
Publisher: Alpha

You re no idiot, of course. But at a time when immorality, corruption, and greed seem to be not only condoned but encouraged, it s increasingly difficult to follow your own moral compass. In a world that stressesthe material over the spiritual and appearance over substance, we all yearn for guidance.The Complete Idiot s Guide to Understanding Ethics is a comprehensive reference to the questions of right and wrong. This book will help you define your own philosophy and make sense of the dilemmas that confront you every day. In this Complete Idiot s Guide , you get: Gender ethics, racial ethics (tolerance), and applications for ethical behavior in the workplace and at home. Explorations of real world aspects of applied ethics and behavior, including the theories and doctrines of the ancient Greeks. Recipes for making an ethical life from ingredients like the wisdom of philosophy, science, and religion.