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Pinocchio: Ristampa anastatica dell'edizione originale dal 'Giornale per i Bambini', 1881-1883. Facsimile edition of the original issued in the 'Giornale per i Bambini', 1881-1883 (Italian Edition)

ISBN13: 9788883045219
ISBN: 8883045211
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $18.0
Publisher: Edizioni Polistampa
Published Date:
Pages: 56
Average Goodreads rating: 3.86/5

With all the fidelity offered by anastatic printing, this edition reproduces the first publication of the adventures of Pinocchio. All the graphics and stylistic peculiarities have been reproduced as is: the text is therefore exactly as first appeared, with all its original imperfections. To discover that Pinocchio was originally published in instalments in a periodical is usually a surprise, even for those familiar with the full-length version in book form. The truth of the matter is that the story of Pinocchios adventures was conceived an exploited as an expedient to win readers for one of Italys first periodical for children, the Giornale per i Bambini. His fame as a journalist and author of schoolbooks made Carlo Collodis name a guarantee for the parents the editors hoped to convince to purchase what at the time was a new cultural product, in its infancy in Italy and inspired by British and American experiences. (Fondazione Nazionale Carlo Collodi).