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The Evolution of Cognitive Maps:New Paradigms of the Twenty-First Century (World Futures General Evolution Studies)

ISBN13: 9782881245596
ISBN: 2881245595
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $125.0
Publisher: CRC Press
Published Date:
Pages: 318

Bringing together diverse disciplines--cognitive and social psychology, biopsychology, history, physics, cosmology, chemistry, population ecology, economics, and philosophy of science--this unique series of essays explores the development of cognitive maps from their biological and historical bases to their contemporary forms. Featuring work by an illustrious series of scholars and a closing commentary by Umberto Eco, this book chronicles theory compelling to all concerned with the relationship between perception and society.
Ervin Laszlo is with the European Academy for Evolutionary Management andAdvanced Studies; Ignazio Masulli is with the University of Bologna, Italy; Robert Artigiani is with the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland, USA; and Vilmos Csanyi is at Eotvos University of Budapest, Hungary