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The Boys: Definitive Edition, Vol. 1

ISBN13: 9781933305806
ISBN: 1933305800
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $75.0
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Published Date:
Pages: 200
Average Goodreads rating: 4.00/5 (199 ratings)

This is going to hurt! In a world where costumed heroes soar through the sky and masked vigilantes prowl the night, someone's got to make sure the -supes- don't get out of line. And someone will! Billy Butcher, Wee Hughie, Mother's Milk, The Frenchman, and The Female are The Boys: A CIA-backed team of very dangerous people, each one dedicated to the struggle against the most dangerous force on Earth -- superpower! Some superheores have to be watched. Some have to be controlled. And some of them -- sometimes -- need to be taken out of the picture. That's when you call in The Boys! The series draped in controversy is now presented in its -definitive- edition as Dynamite present the first 14 issues of the acclaimed series in one massive, oversized hardcover! Featuring some ever-so-slight tweaks the creators have meticulously restored, The Boys Definitive Edition Volume 1 also features bonus art materials, the script to issue #1 by Garth Ennis, a complete cover gallery, and more!