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America in Peril

ISBN13: 9781932717150
ISBN: 1932717153
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $16.95
Publisher: Hope Publishing House
Published Date:
Edition 1st
Pages: 339
Average Goodreads rating: 3.00/5

America is being conquered. Our Declaration of Independence has been relegated to history courses. Lulled by passivity, we take our inalienable rights for granted. Recognizing this mass complacency, a certain group recently obtained power in America. Under the guise of a war on terror and national security they are systematically undermining democracy and scrapping our Constitution. 'America in Peril' puts together a pervasive pattern of intrigue and deception. Starting with the characters that wiggled their way into the White House and conjured up a crisis to rally the country behind a wartime president, Aldridge paints a disturbing picture, delving into the decay of civil rights and showing how the government is not only keeping tabs on the populace but also steadily eroding humanitarian law. Two possible outcomes are presented--the path to martial law and dictatorship or a worldview that can save this country if enough perceptive people put it in motion. America is indeed in peril. The test we all face is profound.