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It's Always Possible: Transforming One of the Largest Prisons in the World

ISBN13: 9781932705522
ISBN: 193270552X
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $46.0
Publisher: Sterling Publishers Private Limited
Published Date:
Pages: 428
Average Goodreads rating: 3.99/5

Transforming the mindsets of human beings is an awesome task. But it's always possible with motivation, persistence and perseverance. These are the distinct traits of determined, dedicated individuals who can make things happen. Tihar Jail, located in the capital city of India, New Delhi, is one of the largest prisons in the world. Within a prison complex of over 200 acres are housed over 9,700 inmates - men, women, adolescents, children; Indians and foreigners. They comprise unconvicted alleged offenders, convicts and remandees. It was a limping and languishing institution, condemned by the media, isolated from the community, exploited, used and abused, yet housed'. Dr Kiran Bedi (then 44) was appointed the Inspector General of Tihar prison on 1 May 1993. She brought about fundamental changes, giving a human face to the administrative structure - creating an exemplary system covering every possible aspect of prison management. The whole objective was to initiate and strengthen collectively and individually the transition from a wooden system to a responsive and sensitive administration. Hence this effort unfolds the process of this reformation involving prison administration, prisoners and the community - towards one common goal - Correction' through a Collective' approach.
This rare documentation of a candid account is accompanied by a CD-ROM (produced by India Vision Foundation), with selected excerpts from the book, supplemented with powerful visuals, ranging right from the historical Vipassana Meditation Programme wherein over a 1,000 inmates sat for ten long days in meditation to their festivities, educational programmes and visits from the NGOs. This has been furthercomplemented by the prisoners expressing their feelings on camera, their written petitions, poetry, paintings, art and craft, besides the statements of the staff. A graphic portrayal of the holistic process - a metamorphosis - from criminality to humanity was achieved within the same legal framework.