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Review of National Literatures: Selected Essays (1970-2001): Emergent And Neglected National Literatures

ISBN13: 9781932107197
ISBN: 1932107193
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $20.0
Publisher: Griffon House
Published Date:
Edition 1st
Pages: 360

The second of three RNL "samplers."  This volume contains essays written by experts on some aspect of a literature or author not in the traditional canon or mainstream of literary studies.  Culled from the original world-wide RNL series launched by Dr. Anne Paolucci in 1970, these essays are an excellent introduction to literatures that are not easily accessible to scholars working in traditional European literatures.  (A third and last "sampler" will offer RNL essays which deal with the European spectrum.)

A short preface by Dr. Anne Paolucci is followed by an Introduction by Gerald Gillespie, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University and former President (now Honorary President) of the International Comparative Literature Association.  In his Introduction, Professor Gillespie reviews the history of the unusual series and its parent organization, Council on National Literatures, a project that has been called a "pioneer" effort.

This informative volume should prove a welcome addition to the ongoing dialogue, among literary scholars, on ways and means to promote greater global awareness in literary studies generally, and comparative literary studies, in particular.