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Audio Bible New American New Testament on CD by Eric Martin

ISBN13: 9781930034204
ISBN: 1930034202
List Price: $34.99
Publisher: Casscom Media
Published Date:
Pages: 14
Average Goodreads rating: 4.40/5

This popular New Testament New American Bible is narrated by Eric Martin and recorded on fourteen (14) high quality compact discs. This revised version is a Roman Catholic translation, however it has been accomplished with the collaboration of scholars from other Christian churches. The revised NAB version was produced to accurately and faithfully give meaning to the Greek original. Editors have given a formal-equivalence approach to translation, matching the vocabulary, structure, and even word order of the original, while producing a contemporary English version. This translation is sure to help the reader to a fuller and more intelligent understanding of the New Testament and a fruitful appropriation of its meaning for ordinary educated people.