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Audio Bible New American Complete on CD by Eric Martin

ISBN13: 9781930034174
ISBN: 1930034172
List Price: $99.99
Publisher: Casscom Media
Published Date:
Pages: 66
Average Goodreads rating: 4.52/5 (2 ratings)

On sixty-six (66) high quality compact discs. Eric Martin narrates this popular non-dramatized version of the New American Bible on audio CD. This NAB translation is the achievement of some fifty biblical scholars. These Catholic scholars have approached more closely than ever before the sense of what the sacred authors actually wrote. From the original and oldest available texts of the sacred books, with a better understanding of Hebrew and Greek and the science of textual criticism, and with the fruits of patient study, these translators and editors have developed this contemporary version that is sure to respond to the need of the church in America today.