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Apollo 11: The NASA Mission Reports Vol 1: Apogee Books Space Series 5

ISBN13: 9781896522531
ISBN: 189652253X
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $18.95
Publisher: Collector's Guide Publishing, Inc.
Published Date:
Pages: 256
Average Goodreads rating: 4.06/5 (35 ratings)

Since the first glimmerings of intellect on planet Earth the moon's quicksilver light has beckoned.

In July of 1969 the people of the world were witness to an event which was the undisputed scientific accomplishment of the 20th Century.

When astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin planted their footsteps in the barren dusty powder of the lunar surface they not only fulfilled President John Kennedy's bold challenge but also mankind's ancient dream.

An accomplishment without parallel, the flight of Apollo 11 stands alone as humanity's greatest feat of imagination made manifest.

Everything about project Apollo was an exercise in superlatives - the Saturn V was the largest and most powerful machine ever made by man, wielding an unimaginable seven million pounds of thrust while the Apollo spacecraft was able to travel a half million miles and function with a precision to match the finest Swiss watch.

Standing on the shoulders of generations, Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins heralded the arrival of a new era, an era in which the horizon of mankind's dreams would be forever shifted.

In Apollo 11 The NASA Mission Reports some of the rare official documentation of this historic voyage is collected and made commercially available fro the first time.

● A 30th anniversary foreword by Dr Buzz Aldrin
A Windows CDROM featuring:
● Nearly 1400 - 70mm images taken during th emission.
● Three unique interactive panoramic images of Tranquility Base.
● Two movies of the voyage of Apollo 11 - over an hour of full screen, full colour MPEg video.