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FutureConsumer.Com: The Webolution of Shopping to 2010

ISBN13: 9781894020671
ISBN: 1894020677
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $26.95
Publisher: Warwick Publishing, Inc.
Published Date:
Edition 5th Printing
Pages: 317
Average Goodreads rating: 2.50/5 (4 ratings)

In the spring of 2000 -- when the dot.com stock boom was at its peak -- a curious book was quietly released. Future Consumer.com, by Frank Feather called for a stock market shakedown within a year that would weed out those Internet-based businesses that had a valid purpose from those that had arisen to feed investor hunger. The book examined which "e-tail" companies and market sectors were best positioned to take advantage of the digital economy and which were doomed -- and from there, the book went on to run a detailed analysis of which companies and sectors of the economy would be market leaders in 2010.Quickly, consumers across the United States began to notice the book and its timely and (for the time) original message. By May, the initial print run had been exhausted. By August there had been four printings sold through; and by October there were 60,000 books in print, with demand still outstripping supply.

Now author Frank Feather has updated the book to included the dot.com disaster the he predicted, but also to outline those companies -- AOL, QUIXTAR, and WAL-MART among them -- whose online activities have been enormously successful, and whose approach indicates how this new technology will make money in the future.