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ISBN13: 9781893003057
ISBN: 1893003051
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $12.0
Publisher: Tres Chicas Books
Published Date:
Pages: 87
Average Goodreads rating: 3.50/5 (2 ratings)

Poetry. Joan Logghe says of her book, RICE, "One night I wrote four poems on a long sheet of rice paper. I noticed they had a uniform shape and decided to give myself the pleasure of writing domestic sonnets. For two and a half years they spilled off of rice paper and into my computer. I have always played with how you can make art in the cracks of the daily, in this case the amount of time it takes for rice to cook, and at the end of the boiling, there is a poem. This book was held together by rice. It is as formal and as formless as those grains, both cooked and uncooked." "I love the sudden changes in these sonnets. Things change fast as in art or life"-Robert Bly.