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Handbook of Food Packaging Chemicals and Materials

ISBN13: 9781890595111
ISBN: 189059511X
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $295.0
Publisher: Synapse Information Resources Inc
Published Date:
Pages: 1061

An International Guide to more than 6,500 Chemicals and Materials. Find food packaging components that function as: Accelerators, activators, adhesive chemicals, adjuvants, antifogging agents, antimicrobial agents, antioxidants, antiozonants, antistats, binders, blowing agents, bonding agents, catalysts, chelating agents, clarifiers, colorants/inks/pigments, corrosion inhibitors, crosslinking agents, curing agents, defoaming agents, deposit control additive, dispersants, drainage aids, driers, dry strength agents, elastomers, emulsifiers, emulsion stabilizers, extrusion aids, fiber retention aids, fibers, fillers, flavoring agents, flocculants, formation aids, impregnants, insolubilizers, lubricants, microbicides, modifiers, oil repellents, optical brightners, pigment dispersants, pigment extenders, pigment structuring agent, plasticizers, polymerization inhibitors, polymers/ copolymers, preservatives, production aids, pulping aids, release agents, resins, retarders, retention aids, rosins, rubber, sanitizers, scale inhibitors, sizing agents, slimicides, slip aids, solvents, stabilizers, starch modifiers, strength additives, surfactants, thickeners, vulcanizing agents, water repell