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The Eye of Cybele

ISBN13: 9781888451252
ISBN: 1888451254
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $27.0
Publisher: Akashic Books
Published Date:
Edition 1st US Ed
Pages: 400
Average Goodreads rating: 3.38/5 (4 ratings)

Daniel Chavarría has long been recognized as one of Latin America's finest writers . . ."
—Edgar Award-winning author William Heffernan

Daniel Chavarría's most celebrated novel to date, The Eye of Cybele is the internationally acclaimed author's second book in English translation. The Eye is a tremendous literary accomplishment, an epic mystery set in ancient Greece in the time of Pericles. A mad priest and an entrancing whore join the likes of Alcibiades and Socrates in a quest for a lost jewel—the Dyndimenian Eye. Chavarría's knowledge of Greek history and command of language guide him masterfully through this stunning and highly original work. The novel has already won four literary awards around the world: Premio Ennio Flaiano Award (Italy); Premio Internacional Planeta-Joaquín Mortiz Award (Mexico); Premio del Ministerio de Educación y Cultura Award (Uruguay) and Premio de la Crítica Award (Cuba).

"Out of the mystery wrapped in an enigma that, over the last forty years, has been Cuba for the US, comes a voice so cheerful, a face so laughing, and a mind so deviously optimistic that we can only hope this is but the beginning of a flood of Latin America's indomitable novelists, playwrights, storytellers. Welcome, Daniel Chavarría."—Donald Westlake, author of Trust Me on This

"I recommend that we all do as Fidel likely does: light up a cigar and turn Chavarría's pages, with pleasure."
— Thomas Adcock, author of Grief Street

Daniel Chavarría is a Uruguayan writer whose novels, short stories, literary journalism, and screenplays have reached audiences across Latin America and Europe. For years, he was a professor of Latin, Greek, and Classical Literature. In 2001, Akashic published Adios Muchachos, Chavarría's first book in English translation.

Also available from Danieel Chavarría
Adios Muchachos
TP $13.95, 1-888451-16-5 • CUSA