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Description and Explanation in Korean Linguistics (Cornell East Asia Series)

ISBN13: 9781885445568
ISBN: 1885445563
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $62.0
Publisher: Cornell Univ East Asia Program
Published Date:
Pages: 385
Average Goodreads rating: 3.45/5 (11 ratings)

This volume brings together fifteen new papers on Korean linguistics originally presented at the Ninth International Conference on Korean Linguistics, 1994. Contributions range from phonetics and phonology, to syntax and grammaticalization, and address important theoretical issues from a wide variety of formal frameworks. The volume contains new research by established scholars like Gregory Iverson, Young-key Kim-Renaud, Susumu Kuno, and Joan Maling, as well as papers by relative newcomers to the field: Sung-ock Sohn, Jae-Hoon Yeon, Mark Vincent, Chang-Bong Lee and Yoon-suk Chung. The papers in this volume will be of interest to students and researchers in both general linguistics and Korean language and linguistics.