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Weird Business

ISBN13: 9781885418029
ISBN: 1885418027
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $29.95
Publisher: Mojo Press
Published Date:
Edition 1st
Pages: 420
Average Goodreads rating: 3.62/5 (65 ratings)

If you're tired of the same ole business. If you want something unique. If you think comic book swimsuit issues are the dumbest thing since Jesse Helms, then here it is, a hot bundle of short stories, a la graphic novel style.

Not only does Weird Business contain tales by Edgar Allen Poe, Ambrose Bierce, and the late, great Robert Bloch, Jr, it contains mostly original material that will, to put it mildly, blow the doors off your Chevy. From pure fantasy to dark horror, to humorous whimsy, to noir, to action/adventure and science fiction, this baby is as hot as the devil's cigar.

Simply put, Weird Business is one of the most unusual and outstanding books ever done in the field of comics.

cover art provided by Dave Dorman

*Introduction by Joe R. Lansdale

*"Gorilla Gunslinger" by Norman Partridge
art by John Garcia
Letters by Doug Potter

*"Becoming the Monster" by Poppy Z. Brite
Art by Miran Kim

*"Till The Cows Come Home" by Mark Evans
Adapted, expanded and drawn by Ken Huey

*"Steel Valenine" by Joe R. Lansdale
Adaptation by Richard Klaw
Art by Marc Erickson
Letters by Brad Thomte

*"Stranger" by Brian Biggs

*"That Hellbound Train" by Robert Bloch
Adaptation by Neal Barrett, Jr.
Art by Phillip Hester, with Andre Walls & Ande Parks
Letters by Gary Peterson

*"Coccyx" by John Bergin

*"If I Close My Eyes Forever" by Charles de Lint
Pencils by Pia Guerra
Inks by William Traxtle
Letters by Doug Potter

*"Jesting With Chaos" by Michael Moorcock
Adaptation by Franz Henkel
Art by Shea Anton Pensa with Ted Naifeh
Letters by Brad Thomte

*"Dinosaur Love" by Richard Klaw
Pencils by Newt Manwich
Inks by Little Johnny Lovecloud with Michael Washburn

*"Masque of the Red Death" by Art by Morgan
Letters by Brad Thompte

*"Franklin & the Can of Whup-Ass" by Bill Crider
Art by Tom Foxmarnick
Letters by Carrie Spiegel

*"Chip of Fools" by Chet Williamson
Art by John Picacio

*"Man With Legs" by Al Sarrantonio
Art by Doug Potter

*"King of the Cows" by Scott Cupp
Art by Matthew Guest

*"In Repose" by Marc Paoletti
Art by Michael Lark

*"Trolling" by F. Paul Wilson
Art by Bill D. Fountain

*"Green Brother" by Howard Waldrop
Adaptation by Steve Utley
Art by John Lucas
Letters by Brad Thomte

*"And I Only Am Escaped to tell Thee" by Roger Zelazny
Adaptation by Paul Miles
Art by Barb & Theodore Spoon
Letters by Brad Thomte

*"Case of the Dancing Corpse" by Jerry Prosser
Art by Jason Morgan
Letters by Doug Potter

*"Heilage Nacht" by Neal Barrett, Jr.
Art by Omaha Perez
Letters by Carrie Spiegel

*"Oil of Dog" by [author:Ambrose Bierce.14403" title="14403">Edgar Allan Poe
Adaptation by Neal Barrett, Jr.
Art by Dean Rohrer