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Dead End

ISBN13: 9781860424335
ISBN: 1860424333
List Price: $76.95
Publisher: Soundings Ltd
Published Date:
Pages: 282
Average Goodreads rating: 3.94/5 (3 ratings)

In life Sir Stefan Rade was famous and terminally unpleasant, but neither of these facts seems reason enough to gun him down in broad daylight.As Slider delves into the megastar's private life he finds everyone seems tastelessly glad that Radek is dead. Plenty of people are not telling the truth, and lovers past and present - male and female - as well as a hotbed of family squabbles and financial shenanigans complicate an already tangled case.

Unraveling the knots keeps Slider away from his boss, "Mad Ivan" Barrington, who seems to be losing touch with reality. And Slider's lost love, violinist Joanna, was a witness to the crime, bringing Slider the hope that he might somehow manage to get her back - and presenting him with wide new opportunities for humiliation.