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War In Korea (G.I. Series)

ISBN13: 9781853674433
ISBN: 1853674435
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $16.95
Publisher: Greenhill Books
Published Date:
Pages: 72

The Korean War was a long and bloody conflict waged with modern weapons and against the backdrop of the fear and anxiety of the Cold War. American soldiers were present throughout the conflict and found themselves fighting not only the Communist North Koreans but also the massive forces China dispatched to the Korean peninsula. The bitter struggle for control of Korea cost thousands of American lives and saw fighting on a scale never again seen. The War in Korea is a brilliant pictorial history of the men who fought in this bitter conflict and of their uniforms and equipment. With more than 100 rare and unusual photographs, accompanied by incisive captions by an expert on American military history, this valuable study is a brilliant source on American uniforms as they actually appeared in the field.