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The Administration of Justice: Current Themes in Comparative Perspective

ISBN13: 9781851828371
ISBN: 1851828370
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $55.0
Publisher: Four Courts Press
Published Date:
Pages: 278

This book contains essays based on papers delivered by members of the judiciary and academics in Ireland and South Africa. It is arranged in four sections - THE JUDICIAL ROLE: Judges A. Hardiman, D.H. van Zyl, Esmond Smyth, Brian McCracken, Roderick Murphy and academics J. Sarkin and Estelle Feldman; THE CRIMINAL LAW PROCESS: Judges Kevin O'Higgins, Yvonne Murphy, Paul Carney, Mohomed Navsa, and academics Neil Boister and Esther Steyn; THE EUROPEAN DIMENSION: Mr Justice N. Fennelly, and academics William Binchy, Alex Schuster and Elizabeth Mayer; and SOCIAL AND POLITICAL DIMENSIONS: Judges Declan Budd, J.M. Hlophe, Francis Murphy, Aindrias Caoimh and Professor Christof Heyns.