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Looking at the Cross - Viewing Jesus' Death Today (Hebrews for Postmodern Times)

ISBN13: 9781846854910
ISBN: 1846854911
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $12.99
Publisher: Exposure Publishing
Published Date:
Pages: 136

Would you like a clearer view of the Cross in these times of postmodern uncertainty? This book offers an engaging discussion of issues raised, looks closely at the Letter to the Hebrews and how it challenges current 'new model' views and media ways of 'seeing' Jesus' death. Here is clear guidance with fresh answers consistent with historic, biblical Christianity. '--- challenging and intriguing, and certainly covers a vital area today. I am particularly glad that you are tackling the whole issue of propitiation since this is so much under attack today.' Brian Edwards, Author and Conference speaker Focuses on how Hebrews exalts Christ as the ascended, eternal Son and Great High Priest, who at the climax of the ages offered himself once for all as the sacrifice for sin. The strong encouragements of Hebrews are applied to current issues of uncertainty and doctrinal confusion. '...the culmination of the priestly sacrifice captivates me, "For we are not come to a mountain that can be touched...but to the general assembly of the saints...a better sacrifice...and to Jesus etc.! WONDERFUL!' Professor William Thomson, European Theological Seminary Not a heavyweight but packs strong challenges for Christians and non-Christians alike. A fresh, reflective survey of the central message of the New Testament. A wide gulf exists between historic biblical Christianity and current uncertainty. Here is help through the murky swamps and foggy forests of today's thought. Discusses a range of topics, which are all related to the central theme. This gives the work breadth and cutting-edge relevance as subjects are explored and applied: - The purpose of Jesus' death - true moral guilt and the forgiveness of God - how 'new model' thought loses the propitiatory atonement and the biblical gospel - Christ's Sonship - the 'apostasy passages' - anti-Semitism -objective reality - personal worth - the cosmic context of Christ's death - and end-time perspectives - and more, including many practical encouragements! The verbal inspiration of Scripture is upheld throughout. Positively sets forth Christ's death as the astonishing, saving power of God. About the Author Michael Austin has been involved in church planting and Bible teaching in Ireland for many years. He has a M.Th. from European Theological Seminary and is pursuing doctoral studies.