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Hermann Pötzlinger's Music Book: The St Emmeram Codex and its Contexts (Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Music)

ISBN13: 9781843834632
ISBN: 1843834634
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $99.0
Publisher: Boydell Press
Published Date:
Pages: 348

Hermann Potzlinger (+ 1469), the university-educated schoolmaster of the monastery of St Emmeram, Regensburg, was the creator of one of the largest and most intriguing collections of late-medieval polyphonic music to have survived from Central Europe. His music book, the so-called 'St Emmeram Codex' (Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Clm 14274), was compiled in the years immediately following his graduation from Vienna University in 1439. It contains a unique cross-section of polyphonic vocal music not only from the West but also from Central and Eastern Europe; moreover, it is only one among more than a hundred scholarly manuscripts that he copied or acquired during his career. This volume presents an in-depth study of the manuscript and of the professional networks and academic culture within which it was compiled; its context as part of one of the largest surviving personal libraries of its time is also explored. It will appeal to all those interested in early music and other aspects of late-medieval life and culture. Dr IAN RUMBOLD is an independent scholar; PETER WRIGHT is Professor of Music at the University of Nottingham.