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Lonely Planet Costa Rica (Country Guide)

ISBN13: 9781741048858
ISBN: 1741048850
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $21.99
Publisher: Lonely Planet
Published Date:
Edition 8
Pages: 608
Average Goodreads rating: 3.98/5 (28 ratings)

Discover Costa Rica
Gaze at Volcan Arenal as it spews fiery lava into the twilight sky
Savor a cup o' joe straight from the source among the vast coffee fields of the Valle de Orosi
Stretch out in a beachside open-air yoga studio in Montezuma
Roll up your sleeves and help the sea turtles of Parismina
In This Guide
Three authors, 150 days, over 500 Imperial beers consumed
Inspirational 'Green Costa Rica' color chapter shows you how to tread lightly in paradise
Top spots of pit stops, cinematic kisses, hot springs, sunset views, wildlife watching and more
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