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FINDING HOME: The Story of Two Penguins

ISBN13: 9781606964798
ISBN: 1606964798
Binding: Perfect Paperback
List Price: $7.99
Publisher: Tate Publishing
Published Date:
Pages: 48

Its okay, Pop replied. Im here. Pop, the biggest of the Emperor penguins, hears a curious noise and follows it, only to find a penguin that doesnt look anything like the Antarctic penguins. A special bond forms, and the penguin is given the name Pyp. Pyp and Pop begin a journey of learning, loving, and letting go as they travel across oceans and continents to find Pyps family. Pops guidance helps Pyp in Finding Home: The Story of Two Penguins. Author Susan Hall is currently an elementary school counselor in southeast Georgia, where seeing life through the eyes of children is a daily adventure. Her love for nature and family inspired the creation of Pop and Pyp.