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Good Luck (Center Point Platinum Romance (Large Print))

ISBN13: 9781602853454
ISBN: 1602853452
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $33.95
Publisher: Center Point Large Print
Published Date:
Pages: 470
Average Goodreads rating: 3.72/5 (8 ratings)

Can $87 million buy happiness; Lucy Parker is about to find out! Lucy's life is a mess. She has a cheating boyfriend, a derailed career, and is in the middle of a media circus. But when she wins the lottery, Lucy begins to think her luck has finally changed. In Palm Beach, the tropical paradise of millionaires, Lucy acquires a new hair color, a new social set, and enough anonymity to put her notoriety behind her. And soon, she's being courted by two men who don't know a thing about her. Strangely enough, all that money and all her new stuff doesn't make Lucy happy. This isn't the life she'd envisioned for herself. Now she realizes that she would give up every penny to have her old life back. And just as she's ready to cash it all in, fate has one last surprise in store for Lucy -- one that will show her exactly what she's worth.