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The Trio Triumphant (Thor: Son of Asgard)

ISBN13: 9781599612911
ISBN: 1599612917
List Price: $22.78
Publisher: Spotlight
Published Date:
Pages: 24
Average Goodreads rating: 3.65/5 (19 ratings)

Having survived every threat the wilds of Asgard have thrown at them, Thor, Sif and Balder finally return home in the sixth book of the series, only to find their welcome is not all that warm. The teen trio must risk their lives one final time as danger has followed them into their own city! What good is a homecoming if there is no home to return to?! MARVEL AGE introduces new and young readers to some of the greatest legends of the Marvel Universe, with dynamic brand-new art and a contemporary sensibility in these action-packed graphic novels.