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The Jaws of Jennia (Thor: Son of Asgard)

ISBN13: 9781599612898
ISBN: 1599612895
List Price: $22.78
Publisher: Spotlight
Published Date:
Pages: 24
Average Goodreads rating: 3.52/5 (19 ratings)

As Thor, Sif and Balder continue their quest in the fourth book, emotions run high between the troubled teens, and the cracks in their friendship continue to widen. Now, they must make their way across the desert plains of Jennia, in search of one of the land's magic jewels, but little do they know what terrors await them beneath the shifting sands... MARVEL AGE introduces new and young readers to some of the greatest legends of the Marvel Universe, with dynamic brand-new art and a contemporary sensibility in these action-packed graphic novels.