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The Onion Girl

ISBN13: 9781596062160
ISBN: 1596062169
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $75.0
Publisher: Subterranean
Published Date:
Pages: 500
Average Goodreads rating: 4.16/5 (1 ratings)

As we published the start of Jilly Coppercorn's story in Promises to Keep, it only seemed right that we do a special edition of The Onion Girl, perhaps the most important of the novels or stories to feature what may be Charles de Lint's most beloved character.

This special edition of The Onion Girl will feature not only an original, exclusive introduction by Charles, but a full-color cover, endsheets, and a chapter head illustration by Mike Dringenberg, who contributed the striking cover to Promises to Keep.

The Onion Girl is set in the imagined North American city of Newford. It's a place where magic lights dark streets, where myths walk clothed in modern shapes, where a broad cast of extraordinary and affecting people work to keep the whole world turning.

At the center of all the entwined lives of Newford stands a young artist named Jilly Coppercorn, with her tangled hair, her paint-splattered jeans, a smile perpetually on her lips--Jilly whose paintings capture the hidden beings that dwell in the city s shadows. Long a supporting character in the Newford stories, The Onion Girl is Jilly's own story. Behind the painter's fey charm there s a dark secret, and a past she s laboured to forget. That past is coming to claim her now, threatening all she loves.

"I m the onion girl," Jilly says. "Pull back the layers of my life, and you won't find anything at the core. Just a broken child. A hollow girl."

She s very, very good at running. But life has just forced Jilly to stop.

"The [Newford] books have all been written in such a way that you should be able to pick up any one and get a full and complete story. However, characters do reoccur, off center stage as it were, and their stories do follow a sequence."