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Conan Volume 3: Tower Of The Elephant & Stories (v. 3)

ISBN13: 9781593075767
ISBN: 1593075766
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $24.95
Publisher: Dark Horse
Published Date:
Pages: 168
Average Goodreads rating: 4.18/5 (17 ratings)

Eisner award-winning writer Kurt Busiek (JLA/Avengers, Astro City), Eisner award-nominated artist Cary Nord (Daredevil), and Eisner award-winning color artist Dave Stewart (Ultimate Fantastic Four; DC: The New Frontier) continue their groundbreaking run on Dark Horse's best-selling Conan series with an adaptation of one of Robert E. Howard's greatest Conan tales, "The Tower of the Elephant"!

Fed up with both civilization and mysticism, Conan travels to the infamous City of Thieves to take out his frustrations. When a bar fight uncovers the legend of the impregnable Tower of the Elephant, he becomes determined to rob it, setting out on a quest unlike any he's undertaken-one that will involve new comrades, sudden death, horrifying creatures, and gruesome unsettling fates for both gods and men.

• Busiek and Nord-with a special appearance by legendary illustrator Michael Wm. Kaluta (Books of Magic, Lucifer)-chronicle a seminal adventure in Conan's life.

• Collecting Conan #0, #16-17, #19-22.

• The hardcover edition is exclusive to Direct Market and will be printed to order.