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Nexus Archives Volume 3 (v. 3)

ISBN13: 9781593074951
ISBN: 1593074956
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $49.95
Publisher: Dark Horse
Published Date:
Pages: 216
Average Goodreads rating: 4.27/5 (49 ratings)

Great Goulessarian, it's another Nexus archive!

This latest collection of the landmark sci-fi series re-presents the original Nexus issues 12 through 18 from First Comics - an indispensable storyline in the history of Horatio Hellpop's plagued existence. Wracked by inescapable, visceral nightmares of the grave misdeeds of his next targets, the executioner Nexus turns to the only solution he can - a life-threatening procedure that places an implant in his brain! This implant will prevent the dreams that Horatio has endured for years, but at what price? His behavior changes, and the ensuing emotional isolation pushes Sundra and her booming solar sailcraft business back to Mars. Spy Ursula X. X. Imada resurfaces with Horatio's twin daughters, and Clonezone the Hilariator is up to his usual mischief and misadventures! This collection also features a story about the Hammer, Judah Maccabee, illustrated by the famed Oz artist Eric Shanower.

Relive the series that defined the careers of both Steve Rude and Mike Baron, collected in a handsome hardcover format for the first time.