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Short Story Writers (Magill's Choice) (3 Volumes)

ISBN13: 9781587653896
ISBN: 1587653893
List Price: $217.0
Publisher: Salem Press
Published Date:
Pages: 1164
Average Goodreads rating: 4.00/5 (1 ratings)

Short Story Writers, Revised Edition, is the first revision of this Magill's Choice set, originally published in 1997. This new edition adds 44 more articles on important authors of short fiction. The three-volume set has 146 articles on the most frequently taught, most frequently read, most acclaimed, and most often researched short-fiction writers studied in American schools and colleges. Each article is arranged alphabetically by authors surname and begins with ready-reference top matter. In the main body of the text is a detailed "Analysis" section, which examins the author's short-story writing. Volume 3 concludeswith a glossary, comprehensive index, and list of contributing scholars.