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Remembering Karelia: A Family's Story of Displacement During and After the Finnish Wars (Armstrong, Karen)

ISBN13: 9781571816504
ISBN: 157181650X
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $59.95
Publisher: Berghahn Books
Published Date:
Pages: 240
Average Goodreads rating: 3.83/5 (6 ratings)

In June 1944, after two wars with the Soviet Union, the Finnish region of Karelia was ceded to the Soviet Union. As a result, the Finnish population of Karelia, nearly 11% of the Finnish population, was moved across the new border. The war years, the loss of territory, the resettlement of the Karelian population, and the reparations that had to be paid to the Allied Forces, were experiences shared by most people living in Finland between 1939 and the late 1950s. Using a family's memoirs, the author shows how these traumatic events affected people in all spheres of their lives and also how they coped physically and emotionally.