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Objects: A Chronicle of Subversion in Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy

ISBN13: 9781568860480
ISBN: 156886048X
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $22.0
Publisher: Marsilio Publishers
Published Date:
Edition 1st Ed.(U.S.)
Pages: 220

A bicycle, a silver goblet, an automobile, and the all the ordinary objects Hans Deichman has chosen to highlight in his narrative constitute a tapestry of meditiations on the vital role individual responsibility plays in the shaping of human life and culture. Confronted with the brutality of Nazism in both Germany and Italy, the author describes a variety of circumstances from which he extricated himself, and proves that blind obedience was not the only option open to German citizens and Italian Fascists.First published in Germany and Italy, Ordinary Objects was awarded the Brothers Scholl Prize in 1996.