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VHERSES (Creative Editions)

ISBN13: 9781568461854
ISBN: 1568461852
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $18.95
Publisher: Creative Editions
Published Date:
Pages: 32
Average Goodreads rating: 4.35/5 (17 ratings)

Strength, passion, and creativity have marked many of history's greatest heroes. And some of the strongest, most passionate, and most creative figures of the past two centuries have been women. There was Anne Frank, the Amsterdam girl who kept a diary of hope in the cold shadow of Nazi Germany. Amelia Earhart, the daring American pilot who flew over oceans into history and legend. Jane Goodall, the British zoologist who spent decades learning life lessons from Africa's chimpanzees. Emily Dickinson, the poet who-despite living the solitary life of a recluse-still inspires awe today with her life's work. Ella Fitzgerald, the American jazz singer whose incomparable voice astonished listeners and helped bring vocal jazz into the spotlight. Venus and Serena Williams, the professional tennis-playing sisters who shattered stereotypes of what a female tennis player should look, act, and play like. In this poetic celebration, the moving lyrics of J. Patrick Lewis and unique illustrations of artist Mark Summers pay tribute to the noble character, accomplishments, and spirit of these and other triumphant women.

The author of nearly 40 picture books, poet and storyteller J. Patrick Lewis has been delighting readers young and old for more than two decades. His books, which include "Freedom Like Sunlight," "The Last Resort," and "The Stolen Smile," have won numerous awards and wide acclaim.

A native of Ontario, Canada, Mark Summers has produced illustrations for such prominent publications as "TIME" and "The Atlantic Monthly." He is also well-known as the artist behind Barnes & Noble bookstores' literary figure portraits. Among his many honors are three gold medals from the Society ofIllustrators and the 2000 Hamilton King Award.