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Galileo's Universe (Creative Editions)

ISBN13: 9781568461830
ISBN: 1568461836
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $24.95
Publisher: Creative Editions
Published Date:
Pages: 18
Average Goodreads rating: 4.20/5 (5 ratings)

And so the man from Pisa probed, watched, measured, and tested. He used the dripping of water to gauge time, hand spans and arm lengths to find distance. Where Aristotle had asked "why "things moved, Galileo asked" how. History is full of explorers, inventors, and revolutionaries. Yet few discovered, created, or braved as much as an Italian math professor named Galileo Galilei. In the lively rhymes of J. Patrick Lewis and beautiful illustrations of Tom Curry, the life and achievements of this pioneer of the sciences are now celebrated like never before.

Poems and images, set in a magnificent pop-up design, take readers back four centuries to watch this true Renaissance man play with pendulums, peer into the heavens, and risk his life to make known the truths of our world. Galileo's courage in challenging the long-held beliefs of his time draws special attention in this book, as do his unconventional methods of research and discovery. Sure to be enjoyed by readers of all ages, "Galileo's Universe" is a tribute to an icon of curiosity and conviction.

J. Patrick Lewis has been captivating young readers with his bright and lyrical writing style for years. His list of children's books includes Creative Editions' "The Stolen Smile," "The Last Resort," and "Swan Song." His books have earned critical acclaim from such publications as "Publishers Weekly" and garnered such honors as the Kentucky Bluegrass Award.

Tom Curry has been working as an illustrator since 1977. His award-winning illustrations, which often portray both the humor and despair unique to the human condition, have appeared in five children's books and such prominent periodicals as "TIME," "Newsweek," "RollingStone," and "The Atlantic Monthly.