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The Speckled Brook Trout

ISBN13: 9781568331577
ISBN: 1568331576
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $16.95
Publisher: Derrydale Press
Published Date:
Pages: 232

Covering everything from the evolution of the brook trout species to recipes for cooking them, The Speckled Brook Trout is a loving compendium about one of the most beautiful and beloved of all fish. Originally published in 1902, Rhead takes today's reader of a wonderful nostalgic journey through the American waters inhabited by the brook trout and to the lands through which those waters flow. We visit the famous Beaverkill River of New York in its pristine, unspoiled state, and venture to the Adirondacks that would later become home to the posh and exclusive mountain clubs of the eastern United States. With lovely line art illustrations throughout the book, this Derrydale classic belongs in every sports and fishing collection.