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The Asian Economic Catharsis: How Asian Firms Bounce Back from Crisis

ISBN13: 9781567203776
ISBN: 1567203779
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $125.0
Publisher: Quorum Books
Published Date:
Pages: 296

One result of the Asian economic crisis has been to shatter the belief that Asian ways of management are superior to Western ways. Now, just to survive, Asian firms have come to rethink their entire way of managing, and in his latest book, Richter, assisted by his contributing authors, gives a sharply focused analysis of how they are doing it. Emerging questions are how do Asian firms adjust to the new economic realities? and How do they develop their management style?

There are plenty of new opportunities in Asia to play the new game, but they must be grasped and productively channeled. Richter and his contributors conclude that in the end, the Asian economic crisis, or catharsis, may well be a blessing in disguise. It provides an opportunity to completely review the way things stand in Asia. Like entrepreneurs who built the Asian economies, today's firms have the opportunity to lead a revival if they can redirect their businesses. This is an important resource for professionals in all multinational organizations and for academics and their upper-level students of international business.