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Beginner's Guide: Acrylic 2 (HT274)

ISBN13: 9781560105169
ISBN: 156010516X
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $8.95
Publisher: Walter Foster
Published Date:
Pages: 32

Learn to paint, step-by-step In this book, artist Lori Lohstoeter teaches you the basics of acrylic painting and beyond! Inside, you will find more than a dozen step-by-step demonstrations for rendering paintings in acrylic. First the author covers the materials you will need to get started. Then she presents each lesson with simple instructions and easy-to-follow steps. Clear explanations of art concepts and acrylic techniques will help you learn quickly so you can begin creating your very own acrylic masterpieces, from landscapes and seascapes to flowers and still lifes. This instructive book will be a welcome addition to any artistÆs reference library!