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A Sense of Place: The Artist And The American Land

ISBN13: 9781559635684
ISBN: 1559635681
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $70.0
Publisher: Island Press
Published Date:
Edition 1
Pages: 160
Average Goodreads rating: 4.22/5 (8 ratings)

Originally published in 1972 by Friends of the Earth, "A Sense of Place" is a remarkable look at the American continent over the past four centuries. Award-winning artist Alan Gussow presents a powerful collection of paintings that range from the earliest depiction of America by a European (John White's "Indians Fishing," c.1585), to contemporary masterpieces such as Reuben Tam's "White Sea."For each picture -- works by Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper, George Innes, Georgia O'Keeffe, Anne Poor, Albert Bierstadt, Wolf Kahn, and many others -- the author provides a selection of the artist's own words that describe the painting and the scene that inspired it, along with a brief introduction to the artist and his or her work. An introduction by National Book Award and Pulitzer prize winning poet Richard Wilbur explores the complex relationship between artist and land, while a new preface by Gussow discusses the history and enduring importance of the book.Island Press/Shearwater Books is proud to bring forth a new edition of this stunning, long out-of-print volume.