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The Path to Bliss

ISBN13: 9781559391900
ISBN: 1559391901
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $16.95
Publisher: Snow Lion Publications
Published Date:
Edition 2nd
Pages: 240
Average Goodreads rating: 4.42/5 (2 ratings)

Clear, eloquent, simple, and profound, His Holiness's teachings are easily accessible to beginning practitioners yet richly nourishing to those more advanced in practice. In The Path to Bliss, the Dalai Lama shows how visualization, reason, and contemplation can be systematically crafted to enhance personal development. Beginning with practices designed to create an effective mental outlook, His Holiness skillfully guides the student to more advanced techniques for developing the mind's deepest potential and happiness. An impeccable attention to the correctness of detail, yet manages at the same time to convey a sense of playfulness, a balance of specific technical guidance, and delightful asides. It exemplifies the sophistication and elegance of Tibetan Buddhist methods for spiritual development.