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Hooded Detective (January, 1942)

ISBN13: 9781557429513
ISBN: 1557429510
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $12.95
Publisher: Wildside Press
Published Date:
Pages: 98
Average Goodreads rating: 3.20/5 (5 ratings)

The January, 1942 issue of HOODED DETECTIVE features the Black Hood novel "The Whispering Eye," by G.T. Fleming-Roberts. ("Hunted by the police . . . framed for robbery and murder by the Eye, master viend and vicious ruler of the underworld . . . loathed by Barbara Sutton, the girl who loves him . . . the Black Hood had to face the blazing purgatory of this murder master's guns to win back Barbara's love and clear himself of the framed charges!) Also features six action-packed short stories: "Candidate for a Coffin," by T.W. Ford; "One Hundred Bucks per Stiff," by J. Lloyd Conrich; "Death is Deaf," by Cliff Campbell; "Three Guesses," by David Goodis; "The Cop was a Coward," by Wilbur S. Peacock; and "Dinner Date with Murder," by Harry Stein. Also includes two true fact detective shorts, "The Strange Case of William Long," by Roy Giles, and "Artistic Murders Misfire," by Mat Rand. Part of the Wildside Pulp Classics series.